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Be in control of your IT

Intelligent Managed Monitoring

Automated Managed Operations


Intelligent Managed Monitoring

Covers all your technical domains
Gives you instant access to monitoring experts
Continuously adapts to your changing IT landscape
Follows-up on your monitoring environment
Delivers parameter sets tuned to your technologies
Manages your event management process
Integrates with your Service Desk and CMDB


Automated Managed Operations

Covers of all your infrastructure and application domains
Provides your with operations experts on a continuous basis
Integrates with your teams
Constantly adapts to your changing IT landscape
Continuously follows-up of your environment
Follows-up on your processes
Integrates with your Service Desk

​​​​​​ Who are we

Service Integrators has transited from a consulting company to a service company over the years. Our core competence has always been around monitoring and the added value that monitoring can bring you to your day-to-day ICT operations.

Our vision

We are a forward thinking company that focuses on the operational excellence of our customers. We do this through continuous improvement of both our skills and our technology offering for our customers.

  • We Think Specialist and act upon our core competences
  • We use Open Source technology and are vendor independent
  • We are a Service Company
  • We provide Operations Excellence for
    • Our Customers
    • Ourselves
  • We use the right tool for the right problem

Our values

Our values are centered around our skills and team. We focus on customer centric service delivery

  • Customer focus; we are committed to deliver a top service that fits our customer needs
  • Quality; we deliver an quality service and continuous improvements are part of our DNA
  • Knowledge; we put our knowledge and expertise to the profit of our customers
  • Teamwork; team work is the key to our customers success
  • Personal Accountability; We take the personal responsibility for delivering on our commitments.

As a technical company with a highly skilled team, we are constantly looking for additional team members.

Why would you work with us

  • We are Customer Oriented
  • We deliver Specialist Services
  • We use state of the art technology, including Artificial Intelligence
  • We are a result driven company
  • Our people are our assets
  • We constantly improve our technology and delivery capabilities

Why would you join us

  • If you are a top specialist or want to become one
  • If you adore Open Source or programming
  • When you love Leuven, or want to work in a city with many opportunities
  • When you want to become part of an excelling team
  • If you are not afraid of a challenge
  • If you want to make a difference

Job Openings

  • System Engineers for Managed Monitoring and Managed Operations with a strong focus on automation
  • Developers in Python, Rust, Node.js and/or AI for our continuous monitoring and operations improvements

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